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Ch. Tigara's Arctica Eve

Tigara's Arctica Explorer

Tigara's Diamond Jim

Tigara's Far Land Flash

Tigara's Far Land Icon

Tigara's Far Land Scot's Pride

Tigara's Farland Thunder Storm

Tigara's Jo Dan Of Arctica

Tigara's Karluk of Roy-El

Tigara's Nordish Kotze Tu

Tigara's Rogue of Arctica

Tigara's Sam Spade

Tigara's Shagluck of Arctica

Tigara's Tonyas of Arctica

Tigara's Whip of Arctica

Tigara's Tara of Arctica

Tigara's Dortic Shag-Luck

Tigara's Togiak Chieftain

Tigara's Dangerous Dan McGrew

Tigara's Sabrina of Arctica

Tigara's Kiska Corazon